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Jul. 6th, 2011 12:07 am
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Your name: Groove
Your LJ:
Your email: wefeelgroove at gmail dot com
Your AIM, MSN, or Yahoo handle: wefeelgroove on AIM and plurk
Invited by: I was here a few months ago playing Pyro from Team Fortress 2 and Ophelia from Brutal Legend. Also, Pixle invited me back!

Character's name: Pinkie Pie
Character's LJ:
Character's canon:  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Brief (around 300 words) personality outline of your character:


Pinkie Pie trots to the beat of her own drum, figuratively and literally, since she very likely has some kind of drum on hoof for when she breaks into song randomly. Everything she does is a means to make other ponies laugh, feel good and have fun, be it by throwing a party, baking yummy treats, singing, or pulling pranks. She always sees the bright side of every situation, and she laughs in the face of danger. While other ponies will properly trot to their destination, Pinkie bounces gleefully wherever she goes. She is a pony who lives life to the fullest and wants nothing more than to make everypony around her happy.


For somepony who’s mission in life is to make everypony smile, Pinkie sometimes displays a brazen disregard for social cues and etiquette, such as her abhorrent table manners (to be fair, though, she did ask Princess Celestia if she was gonna eat that cupcake, first). Pinkie either doesn’t know how to explain herself very well, or she just doesn’t understand that other ponies don’t see the world in whatever shade of rainbow-glitter-tie-dye she must see it in. This can lead to frustrating situations where she comes off as obtuse and weird until you figure out exactly what she is up to. It’s especially off-putting if you’re meeting her for the first time, as she will assume that you want to be friends and will immediately set to work throwing you a welcome party or finding fun things to do together before she even introduces herself.


It doesn’t help that Pinkie is a little (okay, a lot) literal-minded. Subtle jokes (that she’s not telling, at least) will go flying over her head, and once she’s decided on something it takes a herculean amount of persuasion to change her mind. The time she convinced herself that all her friends hated her and were lying to her, for example, she nearly went crazy with paranoia. It wasn’t pretty, and it took Rainbow Dash dragging her out of her home and pleas from all of her friends to turn her around. She’s also very adamant when it comes to being honest. She believes more than anything that losing a friend’s trust is the fast way to lose a friend FOR-EV-ER and will go to great lengths to keep a friend’s secret (and make sure other people keep their friends’ secrets).


This is not to say that she’s impossible to get along with, though! She can be a handful, but once you get past her more trying traits, Pinkie Pie is a faithful, selfless friend who will always come through for you. She wants to do the right thing and always has the best intentions, even if those intentions are a little hard to discern at first. When you’re friends with Pinkie Pie, there’s never a dull moment.

Brief (around 500 words) history and background of your character:


Pinkamena Diane Pie grew up on a rock farm, which is exactly what you think it is. It was a boring, joyless existence until one day, while she was pushing rocks in the field, she looked up to see a brilliant rainbow shoot across the sky. It was so bright, so vivid, so INTENSE. Pinkamena’s heart overflowed with joy, and in that very moment, she decided that she wanted to make everypony feel the way that rainbow made her feel. She stayed up all night preparing a wonderful party for her family, and when she surprised them with it, they were overjoyed (after a few moments of initial shock, of course). It was then that Pinkie Pie gained her cutie mark- a symbol on her flank that illustrates her special talent- and her true calling in life.




Actually, nopony really knows for sure if that’s how Pinkie’s story actually goes, because she is hardly a reliable narrator and it’s very likely she made the whole thing up. Still, it’s a fact that the rest of Pinkie’s friends gained their cutie marks as a result of seeing the same rainbow, which was actually Rainbow Dash’s first Sonic Rainboom, and the resulting gust of wind from the boom could have very well given Pinkie her trademark crazy curls as it did in her version of the story.


However it happened, Pinkie Pie found that her purpose in life was to make ponies smile, and eventually made her way to Ponyville, where she lived at Sugarcube Corner helping Mr. and Mrs. Cake in their bakery. When she wasn’t baking (and eating) delicious treats, Pinkie was quite the social butterfly! She knew everypony- and I mean every pony- in Ponyville, because otherwise, how else would she throw them parties for their special occasions? One day, though, she ran into a unicorn pony whom she had never met before. This was Twilight Sparkle, who had been sent to Ponyville by Princess Celestia to make friends. It turns out that this was part of a master plan by Celestia to give Twilight the power to defeat Nightmare Moon, a dark and evil sorceress who had escaped her prison on the moon. By becoming friends and helping each other with their own special talents, Twilight, Pinkie, and their pals were able to harness the Elements of Harmony to defeat Nightmare Moon and return her to her normal self, Celestia’s sister, Princess Luna.


After this crazy adventure, things returned to normal in Ponyville. Twilight became a permanent resident as her new assignment from Princess Celestia was to research everything and anything about friendship. From then on, Pinkie and her friends had many more adventures, ranging from facing down dragons to more mundane things like cleaning up winter in preparation for spring.

The last thing Pinkie remembered before waking up in a pool of snot was the night of the Grand Galloping Gala, the WORST PARTY EVER, and the fun she had after she and her friends accidentally crashed it. It was too bad she didn’t get to enjoy those donuts before everything went dark.

Sample post (just a general, everyday, puttering-around-the-ship post; please include a snippet of dialogue):

“MORE BALLOONS! No, no, wait, less balloons! No, wait, YES more balloons! Over there! Then some confetti! Everywhere! Everywhere, I say!”


She didn’t need to bark orders at the Sensoriums, as everything just appears as she pictured it in her head, but Pinkie Pie wouldn’t be Pinkie Pie if she weren’t running her mouth at all times, now would she?


“And cupcakes! There has to be TONS of cupcakes!” She commanded as several small tables draped with pink gingham tablecloths poofed into existence. On each table were dainty stands full of the decorative treats. They looked exactly like the ones she made every day at Sugarcube Corner, right down to the colorful sprinkles. They looked so real, too! Her mouth was watering already!


“Finally!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed as she bounced around her newly-created party. “Everything’s ready!”


She stopped at each table and meticulously counted each and every morsel of food. There would be plenty for everyone! This was going to be a great party!


“Okay, now to go find everypony and-” Pinkie’s thinking out loud was cut short by a loud rumbling. In a fit of dramatics, she clutched at her sides and moaned. “So… hungry… can’t… go on…”


In her starvation throes, she turned to stare longingly at the plates of cupcakes she conjured.


“No! I can’t!” She put a hoof to her head, swooning. “They’re for the guests! What kind of hostess would I be if I ate before they arri- oh, nopony’ll notice ONE cupcake missing!”


Twelve cupcakes later, Pinkie Pie happily skipped to where she had placed that comm thingy to send out the invitations.

If the character has magic, mutant, or otherwise metahuman abilities:


Pinkie has a special ability she calls Pinkie Sense that manifests as different parts of her body twitching and jerking in what appears to be a random fashion, and she uses them to predict things such as objects falling from the sky. Only she knows for sure what each series of twitching can predict, and even then, all of her predictions are completely vague until they actually happen. Still, things DO happen when she gets a’twitchin’, so you would be wise to at least give her some space so nothing falls onto your head from above or a door slams in your face. As you can guess, it’s not very useful. It doesn’t happen often, which is a good thing for the rest of us.


In the show, Pinkie is basically an animated punchline and appears to comply with the laws of cartoon physics (especially when she’s singing), but this is mainly for sight gags and wouldn’t happen on the meatship.

Non-superhuman special abilities of note:


Pinkie is an earth pony, so she can’t use magic like a unicorn or fly like a Pegasus, but even so, she is hardly at a disadvantage. For example, she’s a fast enough runner to keep up with Rainbow Dash. It’s not at all an exaggeration to say that Pinkie’s purpose in life is to make others happy. All of her abilities lie in the art of entertaining, be it hosting parties, playing musical instruments, baking, or singing. She is absolutely dedicated to cheering up ponies and making them laugh.


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